Jonathan Naber

Bryce Dahl

Graduating from Mississippi State University in December of 2018, Bryce has chosen to apply his biomedical engineering degree to work full time in Denver, CO. Bryce works as a Biomedical Designer for Mighty Oak Medical, however; he aspires to pursue a master’s of O&P in the future. While working as a hiking guide in Rocky Mountain National Park and collecting observance hours at Hanger Clinic, Bryce found ROMP in the summer of 2018. Mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding, and racing are amenities of Bryce’s own mobility and give emphasis for his passion of working with ROMP.

“Mobility is not how well someone is able to move, it’s the opportunity and freedom to practice individual range of motion. I am fortunate enough to be able to take on multiple forms of extreme mobility and I believe everyone should have the same opportunities and access to mobility. Finding ROMP has been one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. To be apart of a team so committed to impacting the everyday lives of our people and providing opportunity to those with limited access to mobility is something really special.”

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