Jonathan Naber

Diana Anthony

Diana is a 7th grade science teacher for a public school in San Francisco. She loves working with kids, and thinks she might be learning as much from them as they (hopefully) are from her! With a Master’s in Medical Engineering, Diana first worked for ROMP after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, serving as their Operations Manager out of Quito, Ecuador. There, she fell in love with the organization and all the people touched by it. Her hope for prosthetic care around the world is that care becomes more accessible for everybody by using a patient and home-centered mobile care system, made possible with the help of new 3D technology.

“Mobility and independence is everything to me. I fell in love with mountaineering in Ecuador and currently spend almost every weekend in the outdoors, using my mobility to chase my dreams. It is so important to me to support every effort that I can to spread the feeling of empowerment and joy that comes from being active, and that’s why I will continue to promote ROMP in any way I can for the rest of my life!”

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