Jonathan Naber

Emily Zoltai

Emily is originally from Minneapolis, MN but now lives in Denver, CO. She lives with her fiancée and their new kitten and they are loving exploring and adventuring around Colorado. For five years, she worked as an Aquatics Specialist at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, specializing in working with children who have autism. She is in a dual master’s program at Century College/Concordia University studying Orthotics and Prosthetics. She is currently an assistant for Eric Neufeld at Agile Orthopedics. She is enjoying hands on learning and being immersed in the profession while she finishes up school. Emily did her summer internship in Quito, Ecuador with Range of Motion Project and has now planned four annual climbs for ROMP.

“Mobility is independence. It gives me the confidence to take on the world. Mobility gives me joy and it has taken me on some pretty amazing adventures.” In her spare time, Emily loves to rock climb, bike, ski and do anything active. She also volunteers for adaptive rock climbing, is an ambassador liaison and is on the junior board of directors for the Range of Motion Project. Emily is new to the field and is excited for things to come!

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