Jonathan Naber

Fabian Soldevilla

Fabian first found out about ROMP through a social media video that highlighted the impactful work that the organization does in giving individuals high quality prosthetic care in areas of the world that are underserved. Since then, he was able to participate in a ROMP volunteer trip in Guatemala, and also graduated with his Master’s in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Baylor College of Medicine in 2018. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and works at UT Southwestern Medical Center as an Orthotist/Prosthetist.

Since becoming involved in the O&P field, Fabian realized the impact that he makes in patient’s lives by giving restoring their mobility. His passion in helping others led him to become an ambassador for ROMP to help raise awareness on the lack of prosthetic/orthotic care in underserved parts of the world. With ROMP, he hopes to provide as many opportunities as possible for individuals to regain or improve the way they live.

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