Jonathan Naber

Joe Fairley

Joe Fairley is a Northwestern University MPO 2019 graduate who came into the field after his high school cross country and track career left him awestruck through an encounter with a Paralympian who used bilateral running blades. After volunteering at a P&O clinic in Haiti, prior to entering the NUPOC program, Joe’s passion for working with individuals in this field grew immensely and ultimately led to his introduction to ROMP. He has since led a Climbing for ROMP trip in the Adirondack Mountains, NY and participated in a ROMP rock climbing event in the Chicago area. Joe is passionate about the Components for a Cause program and other fundraising opportunities to allow ROMP to provide services to as many patients as possible. With his love for travel, you can bet you will see him at the volunteer programs in Guatemala and Ecuador in the future.

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