Mobility v. Scarcity: A Negotiation

I originally wrote this post for the Global Health Delivery Project in 2014. Just as true today as it was then. If the golden age of global health has taught us anything, it’s that we must avoid the theory, dimly articulated, of limited good. This theory is predicated...

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Then and Now – ROMP and Technology

Over the past three months, we have made more progress in the field of 3D technology in the field of O&P than we ever could have imagined when we started. And what excites me are the possibilities that lie ahead, that I can’t even imagine now.

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Earthquake in Ecuador

I wouldn’t have felt it if someone hadn’t warned me. Then again, maybe I would have – it did last almost a full two minutes. I was in a mountain refuge when it happened. When I went outside, I was standing on 5000 meters of Chimborazo, the tallest volcano in Ecuador,...

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