Daniel Grant
Daniel Grant

Daniel has a passion for building organizations that are able to transform scientific and technical advances into better lives for people. Daniel holds a doctorate in Chemistry from University of Illinois at Chicago and did postdoctoral research Chemical Biology at the Sanford Burnham Institute in La Jolla CA. He has published research in preclinical drug discovery, organic chemistry and circadian biology. During his career in the pharmaceutical industry, Daniel has gained experience across the spectrum of the industry from preclinical discovery and clinical development to manufacturing and commercialization.

As someone who started off his career looking at fundamental scientific questions and has progressed to see how science is applied to impact the lives of patients, Daniel has tremendous appreciation for the work that needs to go into developing a organization. “You start with an idea in one person’s head and you end with a feeling of relief, wellbeing, or even joy in another person’s life. There is lots of stuff in the middle: money moving here and there, stuff getting built moved and used, but in the end, all of that is just a mechanism that we build to transform ideas into better lives.”

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