Diana Anthony

Jessica Kidd

COMPANY: Fit 36 (Greenwood Village), Invictus, LLC
Assistant Manager of Outside Sales and Marketing, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach
Education: A.A., English, from Community College of Denver, ongoing psychology and nutrition education from Metropolitan State University of Denver
Jess motivates others to be their best, by being her best and uses her mobility as an athlete and personal trainer to inspire and empower others to do the same. She believes that transformation happens from the inside out and she guides her clients through proper eating as a nutrition coach to lead a lifestyle of overall health, both mind and body. Jess the Assistant Manager of Outside Sales and Marketing and passionate Fitness Coach at a fitness studio and has the opportunity to directly impact the wellness of our community through movement. She is an advocate for positive body image and self-love, spreading the message as a volunteer with Eating Disorder Foundation and promoting awareness and education around eating disorders. As an athlete ambassador for Range of Motion Project, she volunteers at local events, seeks fundraising opportunities and educates the community. After traveling to Ecuador in 2017 as part of the elite climbing team with Climbing for ROMP, she was further inspired to bring awareness around their mission and the need for prosthetics in third world countries.
For Jess, wellness and mobility are a way of life and are not to be taken for granted.
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