Eric Neufeld

Julie Tolleson

Titles: First Assistant Attorney General for K-12 Education, Colorado Attorney General’s Office

Education: BA from Baylor University. Law degree from University of California, Berkeley.

Awards: 2019 ROMP What’s Your Mountain Award

I became involved with ROMP immediately after my amputation in 2017 and in 2018 celebrated my one year “ampuversary” with “Climbing for ROMP” at the top of Mt. Bierstadt.  I joined ROMP’s Elite Team on Cotopaxi in 2019.  I have a history of board and nonprofit involvement and am thrilled to help “give back” in support of ROMP’s amazing mission.

My favorite ROMP story:  The team arrived for its first acclimatizing hike at Rucu Pichincha, just outside of Quito. A dozen or so ROMP patients were there sporting their ROMP provided legs.  We all started out together.  Some patients were still with crutches and only went a few hundred yards.  At least a fewd went all the way to the summit.  And all were there to celebrate their mobility and to say “thank you” to the founders, staff, volunteers, and donors that made it possible. 

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