Diana Anthony

Penny Fisher

Motivational Speaker and Author

On December 1, 2008, Penny suddenly and without warning suffered from Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare bacterial infection caused by either a staph or strep virus . Penny, unfortunately, suffered from the latter, Streptococcus A, a more rare and lethal strain. After being diagnosed, Penny awoke from a three month coma to a new reality. She could no longer walk unassisted.
In the years following Penny’s incident, she has worked with several charities as a fundraiser, participant, and mentor. ROMP has been the most deeply personal to her. She knows how important prosthetics are to reclaiming your life and moving freely throughout the world. Mobility is everyone’s inalienable right and she is proud to work alongside the members of ROMP to deliver that right to patients in underserved areas in our world.
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