A community of patients, supporters, givers, volunteers, innovators, and advocates came together for the first annual Giving For ROMP event. Together we choose to give the gift of mobility to others by providing prosthetic devices to those without access.

With the help of some amazing corporate partners, we were able to put on three unbelievable events across the country, which showcased our work and our patient stories through a GoPro lens.

As part of the events, we honored two individuals with the Empowerment Through Mobility Award. The ROMP philosophy states that personal, intellectual, socioeconomic, and physical mobility are pathways by which individual empowerment can take place. This award seeks to honor those individuals who use Mobility to make our world a better place, both in the way that they enjoy and embrace their own mobility and share Mobility with others.

Melissa Stockwell

Melissa is a US Army Veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and US Paralympic Athlete. Melissa lost her leg in Baghdad and was the first female amputee as a result of the Iraq war. She has gone on to become a Paralympic medalist, prosthetist, co-Founder of Dare2Tri, mother, and more.

Jeff Glasbrenner

Jeff lost his leg when he was eight years old in a traumatic farming accident. He has gone on to become one of the most incredible and inspirational athletes, including three-time Paralympian medalist and two-time World Champion Gold Medalist in basketball. He has also competed in 25 ironman races and traveled to 42 countries to help inspire and empower individuals. This past summer he summited Mount Everest, and has also conquered, Mt. Aconcagua (22,842ft), and Mt Cayambe (20,124ft). His next challenge: the remaining seven Summits.

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Sponsors Make the World Go Round

Because of the generous support of our corporate partners, ROMP was able to host these events at little to no cost. Which means, all funds raised are going straight to our patients and clinic. We want to thank the sponsors that made it happen.