Become an M3(Monthly Mobility Member) and invest in ROMP to keep our patients moving forward.

Our monthly donors help improve patient mobility by not only funding prosthetic care in our clinic, but also supporting our Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program in Guatemala. ROMP provides each CBR patient with an individualized path toward mobility that includes prosthesis training and physical therapy, home healthcare and health education, individual and group mental health support, vocational training, job placement, micro loans, and much more.

Give the gift of mobility year round! Automate a monthly donation to ROMP to be a continuous supporter and advocate of mobility for our patients.






Here are just a few examples of how your monthly gift will make a tangible impact on the lives of our patients:

$14/mo – May is ROMP’s birthday month! Celebrate our 14th birthday by committing to $14/month or $140/month for the next year!
$25/mo – covers cost of a new socket for a patient
$50/mo – enrolls a CBR patient in vocational training and provides materials to ensure their success
$83/mo – annual cost of a high quality prosthetic limb for a patient! Truly life changing!
$100/mo – covers wound care, medication, and medical treatments by a specialist for a patient with chronic illness 

Monthly Mobility Membership Supports:

  • Providing high quality prosthetic care in underserved populations
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program

Our CBR program addresses the wide-ranging needs of our patients once they begin using their prosthesis. CBR health workers visit each patient every two weeks to provide key in-home services, and they also coordinate special services outside of these visits. Services include:

  • Training and practice with the prosthesis, maintenance and repairs of the device
  • Physical therapy
  • In-home wound care and management of chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • Education on at-home self-care and accessing public health services
  • Medical specialist services like cardiology, nephrology, etc.
  • Mental health services like individual and group therapy, addiction counseling, etc.
  • Nutritional guide development and coaching
  • Vocational training in skills like baking, sewing, hair-cutting, jewelry-making, etc.
  • Coaching, microloans, and marketing to set-up small businesses
  • Legal services

Benefits of Monthly Mobility Memberships

  • Create sustainable ROMP programs
  • Automate your donation to ROMP and never have to think about it again
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of providing consistent and much needed social impact

Meet Our Patients

Meet Ruth

32 years old

Amputee since:
October 2013

Received ROMP Prosthesis:
July 2014

Thanks to CBR

  • She has a new prosthetic socket and athletic foot
  • She identified and took action to mitigate her pre-diabetic condition
  • She received individual and group mental health supportShe graduated from a vocational training program in hair-cutting and nail

Meet Sandra

37 years old

Amputee since:
November 2012

Received ROMP Prosthesis:
September 2017

Thanks to CBR

  • She improved her use of her prostheses
  • She started drinking clean water in her home
  • She accessed medical specialty services, including in the public health system
  • She received individual and group mental health support
  • She was trained in jewelry-making and started a business to sell her products

Meet Don Rodolfo

66 years old

Amputee since:
May 2016

Received ROMP Prosthesis:
October 2017

Thanks to CBR

  • He went from using crutches to using no aid to walk with his prosthesis
  • He received medical specialty services like cardiology and nephrology
  • He received wound care services that averted the amputation of his sound leg
  • He received a nutritional plan and coaching to reign-in his metabolism
  • He received a key tool and business cards he needed to grow his business

ROMP has been providing prosthetic care to patients in need since 2005 and continues to serve patients in need at our clinic every day. With CBR, ROMP helps our patients to become fully empowered by addressing the other aspects of the mobility. Through the in-home accompaniment of our community rehabilitation workers and the coordination of key services, ROMP CBR patients become far more mobile than ever before.

Your support in the form of a monthly subscription will fund this unique program in Guatemala which empowers dozens of individual patients to live healthier, happier and productive lives. CBR is generating lasting change by focusing on the empowerment of the individuals that ROMP serves.

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