Patient Stories: César

César is a right below elbow amputee as of August 15, 2014. His injuries also include a transtibial amputation on his right leg as well as 3 toe amputations of his left foot. All of this was due to an electrical accident that landed him in the hospital, in a hopeless state-of-mind for over 2 months. He did not receive any immediate post-operational rehabilitative therapy and in fact, spent 2 months at home in what he describes as “solitude, because I did not want anyone to see me”.

One-year post-amputations however, he received his first prosthetic arm: a voluntary open hook that he excitedly uses regularly. After regaining some of his mojo back, he even self-constructed a prosthetic leg that he used for roughly 4 months, after which, he received a professionally fabricated one built through ROMP’s partner organization Fundación Hermano Miguel. ROMP became involved with César recently, as there was an opportunity for him to trial the latest terminal device hand design from our partner Victoria Hand Project. Using his existing socket, the 3D printed terminal device was connected and with it, he was able to write his name for the first time since the accident. The terminal device was 3D printed and assembled in the ROMP devLab in Quito and then delivered at Fundación Hermano Miguel, where César continues to go for the rest of his prosthetic needs.

He is most excited to be able to write again, as it is one of his favorite past-times, while still being able to work in home construction- a job that he returned to after receiving his hook terminal device, though he was never completely pleased with the lack of aesthetics of the hook. At 3 and 6 weeks post-delivery, follow ups will be conducted to ensure proper fitting and to learn about how often and for what tasks César has used the voluntary open 3D printed VHP hand.

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