Patient Stories: Cristian

Cristian is a bilateral below-elbow amputee after being caught in an electrical accident in August 2014. Five months and multiple surgeries later, he discharged from the hospital in January 2015. After which, he completed an intensive two month physical rehabilitation program at Fundación Hermano Miguel. Unfortunately, Cristian spent four months after being hospitalized and having therapy, in his home, in a state of depression, because he did not have any available options for prostheses for quite some time.

Eventually, he found ways to cope with his amputations and roughly in September 2015, he received his first pair of prosthetic arms, which happened to be purely cosmetic. They did not help him functionally in any way. Cristian received a pair of hook terminal devices in August 2016, though he realized he values aesthetics higher than functionality. He admittedly mentioned that he is able to feel this way because his cosmetic devices did not limit his work duties as an office receptionist.

However, upon trialing the latest version of the voluntary open terminal devices from VHP, the combination of functionality and cosmesis excited him very much. This was because he could perform detailed tasks that he had all but given up hope for, for the past few years. The bilateral set of VHP hands were printed and assembled in the devLab in Quito and delivered at Fundación Hermano Miguel. The most exciting part of the new terminal devices for Cristian is the newfound ability to write and he plans to teach himself how to type with them as well!”

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