Patient Stories: Regina

Regina was just like any other active 18 year old Guatemalan girl. Until last year you might have found her cycling, swimming, or playing soccer. You might have found her laughing with her friends in school in San Jose, Guatemala, which is about a five hour drive from our clinic in Zacapa. But that was before the accident, when a stray bullet went through Regina’s right leg and punctured a major artery. The doctors had to amputate her leg above her knee. Regina lost her leg at age 17, just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those first days in the hospital were the hardest, full of pain and difficulty accepting the loss of her leg. Then, she found out about ROMP.

Regina and her mom were in a health clinic near their home when a stranger approached them. He said that he saw her, and that his heart told him that he must introduce himself, and that he must tell her about ROMP. This kind stranger ended up driving Regina and her mom to Zacapa so that she could get her first prosthesis. She and her mom were nothing but smiles and tears when she took her first steps, and within 24 hours was already walking on uneven terrain by herself. In the future, Regina wants to become a prosthetist and go to the United States. She’s always wanted to help people, and to be able to use what happened to her to help others get through hard times. She’d also like to become a competitive athlete with a prosthesis. But for now, we’re happy that thanks to ROMP, Regina can go back to being just like any other active 18 year old young woman.

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