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As the category leader in improving human mobility and unlocking human potential, ROMP is committed to continually improving its operations and sharing the lessons it learns with the wider rehabilitation, public health, and product development communities.

In the ROMP Resource Center, you will find some of the key studies that have shaped our approach, and some of the most important tools we use in the field. We invite you to take a look through these materials and find inspirations or strategies that might be applied to your specific project or organization. Please send us a message if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas.

Please send us a message at if you have any thoughts, questions, or ideas.


Community-Based Rehabilitation for People with Amputation in Guatemala

2017 Situation Analysis and Recommendations

This study was conducted by ROMP with the aims of developing a better understanding of the needs and desires of people with amputation in Guatemala, and creating recommendations for a community-based rehabilitation (CBR) program that addresses those needs and desires. It contains deep, qualitative insights into the life of the person with amputation in Guatemala and lays out a roadmap for the ROMP Program on CBR.

2018 CBR Pilot Program in Guatemala

This study is the final report of the ROMP CBR Pilot in Guatemala, operated in 2018 in response to the recommendations of the 2017 situation analysis. The design and results of the pilot are detailed, exhibiting evidence of the effectiveness of the intervention in improving the multi-faceted mobility of people with amputation in Guatemala, and laying the foundation for the continued operation and growth of the model in Guatemala and beyond.

Guatemala National Disability Survey (ENDIS 2016) Survey Report

This study was conducted by the Guatemalan National Council for the Care of People with Disabilities in 2016, with technical support from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It contains wide-ranging, quantitative insight into the prevalence and impact of disability in Guatemala. This report was particularly important in corroborating the qualitative findings of the situation analysis described above.

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ROMP SWOT and Root Cause-Solution Template

ROMP Project Management Template

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