ROMP Student Clinics

The purpose of this experience is to give students a unique and meaningful clinical experience working with some of the world's most vulnerable individuals in need of prosthetic care. You will leave with a more complete picture of the world's disability issue and you will find yourself in the middle of helping to solve it. And while it is a lot of hard work, it is also a lot of fun and an experience you won’t soon forget.

Students will work side by side with both international and US practitioners.

The cost of the trip is $1500, plus airfare. All costs in country are covered by this amount. You can choose to fundraise for the $1500 or pay for it directly. For more information, click here. If your University is interested in a group trip, please contact


To facilitate a knowledge exchange between international and US clinicians and students, equip students with real world clinical experience, and to expose future generations of O&P professionals to the realities of living with disability in resource poor communities.


$1500 per student and faculty participant. This includes all in-country transportation, food, and lodging during the student’s time in one of the ROMP field location countries.  Excludes airfare. The remaining 50% is due before leaving the USA for the ROMP clinic site. Click here for more info.

Program Overview:

Students and faculty will receive a tour of important partner sites and the ROMP clinical facility to begin the week. After meeting ROMP clinical and administrative staff, students will begin providing patient care to 2-3 patients under the guidance of school faculty, ROMP Global clinical staff, and local ROMP clinical staff.

A sample itinerary is below.

Lunchtime lectures are held everyday by ROMP Global and local ROMP staff and professionals. Topics include:

  • grand rounds and case studies
  • clinical techniques
  • global health and epidemiology
  • 3D scanning, printing, and design
  • ROMP documentary films

Students will have the opportunity to learn 3D design from ROMP Staff. Students will be taken on a guided tour of the surrounding areas under the supervision of ROMP staff.

At the end of the trip, students will be provided with a certificate acknowledging their contributions to ROMP operations and a two-day guided experience in Antigua, Guatemala.

Program Goals

The goals of the clinical portion of the trip are:

  • Equip students with a working knowledge of ROMP’s clinical operations
  • Provide hands-on experience working with patients from Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, or elsewhere
  • Understand the local context in which patients live
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration with local ROMP staff and partners
  • Leave with a better understanding of the challenges of delivering O&P care in resource poor settings


Options including ROMP sites in Guatemala and/or Ecuador.

Sample Itinerary:

Students will arrive in Guatemala and be shuttled directly to the hotel in Santa Cruz, Guatemala in private transport. Each morning, students, faculty, and ROMP staff will travel to and from the clinic in private transportation. A typical clinical agenda looks like this:

Day 1 – Arrival and travel to Zacapa, Guatemala
Day 2 – Casting / Modification
Day 3 – Casting / Modification / Fabrication
Day 4 – Modification / Fabrication
Day 5 – Fitting / Delivery
Day 6 – Fitting / Delivery
Day 7 – Fitting / Delivery
Day 8 – Travel to Antigua, Guatemala
Day 9 – Personal day in Antigua, Guatemala
Day 10 – Departure

Accommodations and Ground Transportation

Zacapa Accommodation

Hotel El Atlántico
Address: Carretera Atlantico, Santa Cruz, Guatemala
Phone: +502 7942 0000
Type of room: Double or Triple Cabaña

Antigua Accommodation

Posada La Merced
Address: 7a. Avenida Norte #43Antigua Guatemala, 03001
Phone: +502 7832 3197
Type of room: Double

All in-country transportation will be in private vehicles arranged and managed by ROMP staff.

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