Victoria Hand

We have officially delivered over ten Victoria Hands in Ecuador and Guatemala. While this system is important for a variety of reasons, one of the most significant is the financial benefit. Economically, this hand costs a fraction of what a traditional upper extremity prosthesis costs. This functional and aesthetically pleasing hand is an alternative to current market options. It is a tool that helps you do your job or care for your kids, and it is now accessible for thousands of people for whom an affordable option did not previously exist.

Scan to Socket

Even with thousands of dollars of high functioning knees and feet, if the socket does not fit, then the user cannot physically wear the prosthesis. Generating a socket that fits right functionally, comfortably, and is anatomically correct, is a time and cost consuming process. It can take up to nine hours to fabricate a socket conventionally with casting, plaster molds, and manual hand modifications. With digital casting and modifying, the time to create the perfect mold is reduced by almost 75%, meaning in two or less hours the mold is prepared. Then, to create the actual socket, the 3D printer runs overnight, without supervision, saving hours of valuable and costly professional time.

The ability to fabricate countless test sockets in this manner is allowing practitioners to strive for more perfect socket fit every time.

Myoelectric Project with Psyonic

Myoelectric prosthesis cost upwards of $40,000 USD – a number completely inaccessible for 80% of the worlds amputees living in developing countries. But don’t they deserve it too? The importance of a project like this one is that the technology exists and can be duplicated without the giant price tags. This hand is controlled by reading muscle activity beneath the skin from placing sensors inside the socket, on top of the skin. By thinking about making a fist, your muscles will still fire in the same way they would have if you still had a hand. Therefore, using a myoelectric like this is very intuitive and easy to learn – making life easier and more comfortable for the user, so they can return to pursuing their goals, dreams, and daily tasks. And that’s the goal – to give people with disabilities the tools they need to live an abled life, not a disabled one.

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