ROMP USA is a partnership program between the Range of Motion Project and dedicated US-based O&P providers and manufacturers.

Since 2005, ROMP has partnered with Scheck and Siress, one of the largest Orthotic and Prosthetic providers in the country. Over 200 prosthetic limbs have been provided to amputees without resources through this longtime partnership.

Reach USA Chicago

Chicago, IL

ROMP partners with several service providers in the Denver area, including Denver Health. With co-Founder of ROMP and certified Prosthetist and Orthotist, Eric Neufeld, living in Denver, ROMP is able to provide ongoing and immediate care for individuals without access to services.

Denver, CO

ROMP partnered with A Step Ahead Prosthetics in 2014. We anticipate many high quality prosthetic limbs being  provided to amputees without resources through our partnership with A Step Ahead as the relationship flourishes.

Reach USA Boston

Boston, MA

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