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The US Assistance Program (USAP) serves people with amputation who do not have access to prosthetic care due to immigration status, lack of insurance, or extreme financial hardship.


Welcome on board to the ROMP US Assistance Portal, a platform designed to guide prosthetists and patients through the application process for the USAP program.

Please choose ONE of these options and follow the steps below to provide/receive care via USAP:

Patients can apply to receive prosthetic care through a USAP prosthetist. As a USAP prosthetist, you will help determine whether the patient is eligible to receive prosthetic care with ROMP sponsorship according to our selection criteria, and apply together with the patient for USAP assistance.

Once the application is approved and the patient has made the first 50% of the quoted donation, ROMP dispatches the necessary components to the practitioner who then donates his/her time and the consumable materials to fabricate a prosthesis to the patient. Once the patient has made the remaining 50% of the quoted donation, the practitioners then delivers the prosthesis. Patient donations are made directly to ROMP, per the USAP donation guidelines.

Fill out the form below to enroll as a new USAP Prosthetist and review our patient donation guidelines:


Since 2005, ROMP has partnered with Scheck and Siress, one of the largest Orthotic and Prosthetic providers in the country. Over 200 prosthetic limbs have been provided to amputees without resources through this longtime partnership.

Reach USA Chicago

Chicago, IL

ROMP partners with several service providers in the Denver area, including Denver Health. With co-Founder of ROMP and certified Prosthetist and Orthotist, Eric Neufeld, living in Denver, ROMP is able to provide ongoing and immediate care for individuals without access to services.

Denver, CO

ROMP partnered with A Step Ahead Prosthetics in 2014. We anticipate many high quality prosthetic limbs being  provided to amputees without resources through our partnership with A Step Ahead as the relationship flourishes.

Reach USA Boston

Boston, MA

Welcome to the US Assistance Program. You are now joining ROMP’s mission of providing high quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, enhancing mobility and unlocking human potential.

Please keep in mind that the USAP assistance is provided to individuals who do not have access to prosthetic care due to one or more of the following barriers: immigration status, lack of insurance (denied by BOTH IDPA and Care Credit), or extreme financial hardship. Only individuals who meet one or more of these criteria will be considered eligible.

As a USAP prosthetist, please follow these simple steps to provide care via USAP:

1. Submit the USAP Application

This form collects information about the patient, establishes expectations, and gives you a donation quote based on your inputs


2. Notify patient's donation deposit

Once the application is approved and quoted, explain the donation amount and timeline to the patient, who is required to make at least 50% of the donation prior to the components order being filled. Donations are collected *online in accordance to the ROMP Guidelines. (See tutorial below) 


3. Request delivery authorization

Once the components arrive, the patient is required to make the remaining portion of the donation prior to delivery of the device. The USAP practitioner can start fabricating the prosthetic device and should send an email to to request authorization for delivery. 


4. Confirm delivery of components

On the day of delivery, fill out the Delivery form together with the patient. This form give us feedback of the componentry delivered to the patient and help us to improve our service.



Follow this tutorial to make a payment for the ROMP US Assistance Program. A credit card will be required for this process. If you would like to use a different payment method please check out the donation guidelines.

If you are seeking prosthetic care through the ROMP USAP, it is necessary that you locate a prosthetist who is willing to help you. We recommend that you contact prosthetic clinics in your local area, point them towards the Romp USAP Portal, and ask if they are interested in becoming a USAP prosthetist. In case that you don’t receive a response from a nearby clinic, please contact to request assistance

Please check out the ABC Directory of Certified Facilities for Prosthetics to find a prosthetist in your area here:


Contact ROMP

Patients, donors, and potential partners: we’d love to hear from you ROMP USA PO Box 100915 Denver, CO 80250

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