Patient Stories: Victor

Before his amputation, you could find Victor riding his motorcycle, playing soccer, working full time, playing with his kids, and dancing! In September of 2015, Victor lost his left leg following a bad traffic accident. It was only weeks later that his residual limb got infected with gangrene and they had to amputate again, but this time, he lost his whole leg. For over a year now, Victor has been unable to work and his family of 5 has been living off his small amount of savings.

When he came in for his evaluation, he met Carlos, one of ROMP’s technicians who also has an amputation at the hip (hip disarticulation). Carlos explained to Victor that he is now walking and working full time thanks to ROMP and Victor was very motivated by this meeting! It was only a matter of days before Victor was dancing around the clinic on his new leg. He can’t wait to get back to work, ride his motorcycle, and play with his kids. Victor has always been a forward thinker and is most excited to provide economic stability for his three kids (ages 2, 7, and 11). We sent Victor off with his leg and a huge smile, thinking we may not see him for awhile. The next day he woke up at 4 am to drive the 3 hours to the Zacapa clinic just receive gait training with our incredible volunteers.

Victor is someone that fully commits to every task! He worked on walking and going up and down stairs and on uneven terrain and by the end of the afternoon, he had danced his way into all of our hearts. We know Victor and his family have a bright future ahead!

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